Falknis X-Ray Inspect

Easy machine vision of X-ray 2D data


Introducing Falknis X-ray Inspect, the latest software solution designed to simplify offline inspection of electronic components and decoupled from the X-ray system. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers user-friendly features that seamlessly integrate into your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort. But that's not all – our automation for inline inspections enables a smooth and efficient process, making it the ideal choice for busy production professionals.

Chip X-ray Filtering

With Falknis X-ray Inspect, you'll have access to both rule-based and AI-based methods to quickly and accurately identify solder joint defects and voids in your X-ray images. Our novel void detection algorithms have been further refined to provide even more robust results, ensuring that you never miss a potential problem. In addition, our image enhancement techniques have been optimized to ensure that every detail is visible on your screen, giving you complete confidence in your inspection results. Download our Falknis X-ray Inspect software today and experience the difference.

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Currently only available for Windows (64-bit).
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