We use X-rays and AI to explain materials

CEO & Founder

Roger Herger is CEO and founder of maXerial. He loves to work in multidisciplinary teams, connecting experiments and state-of-the-art computing. Roger has a scientific background in x-ray analytics and has held several technical and management positions in the industry. Roger received his MSc in Chemistry and holds a PhD in Physics.

CIO & Co-founder

Patrick Bleiziffer is CIO and co-founded maXerial. He is fascinated by solving problems in materials science by virtue of computational methods. His computational toolbox contains physical models as well as methods based on artificial intelligence. These tools have been successfully applied in academic and industrial environments. Patrick received his MSc in Nano Science and holds a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry.

CTO & Co-founder

Thorsten Wiege is CTO and co-founder of maXerial. He is interested in connecting materials knowledge with engineering and fatigue life models. Thorsten has experience in materials analysis, structure simulations and working in interdisciplinary teams. He received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering and his MSc in Materials Sciences.

Partner & Knowledge Network