3D Metrology & Reverse Engineering

Metrology that keeps pace with complex industrial designs

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The complete digitisation of your component by computed tomography (CT) enables precise and robust 3D measurement technology. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of  industrial applications and metrology.


3D metrology with CT technology enables precise and reliable evaluation of drawing features and tolerances in accordance with industry norms and standards. The advanced CT technology allows us to achieve calibration uncertainties of less than 1 micrometer, ensuring highly accurate measurements meeting the VDI 2630 standard throughout the entire component. The automation of metrology methods also makes 3D metrology with CT an economically viable choice for conducting series inspections and release testing, especially with a high number of features.

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Reverse Engineering engine

Reverse Engineering

Through precise CT data, a virtual CAD model is generated, capturing both external and internal structures with great detail. This comprehensive model facilitates product optimization, aids in identifying and virtually adjusting deviations, and allows for the digitalization of components lacking CAD data. Additionally, manually crafted design models can be converted into digital formats, and discrepancies from master CAD models can be rectified.

Process Capability

To assess process capability and approve components, it's essential to measure a statistically significant number of pieces. The generous scan volume facilitates the tomography of multiple components in a single scan. This, combined with a high degree of automation in the evaluation process, allows for the development of dependable and cost-effective measurement procedures.

Interactive evaluation for metrology 

Our inactive measurement analysis tool enables in-depth evaluation and assessment of measurement results. The user-friendly interface supports time series analyses, the comparison of measured values as well as statistical evaluations. Based on these analyses, reports can be created or measurement data can be transferred directly to your quality management system. Contact us for a demo of our dashboard solutions.

Metrology Evaluation